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GlitchKraft v.2 Allison Tanenhaus and Friends

Mar 07, 2022 to Apr 30, 2022
glitchkraft projected images on walls


GlitchKraft v.2. Allison Tanenhaus + Friends Alex Kittle, Ben K. Foley, Property Materials, Lauren Klotzman, and stickipictures

On view at Southern New Hampshire University’s McIninch Gallery, March 7- April 30, 2022.

GlitchKraft is a multimedia exhibition of glitch art, the creative practice of interfering with or intentionally altering digital image files for aesthetic purposes. The exhibition showcased glitch art by Allison Tanenhaus and others with the art taking many forms, digitally projected onto the gallery walls, windows, and displayed on monitors.

“GlitchKraft is a celebratory display of digital errors, an ode to the interrupted image. Images that are usually limited to be viewed on a screen – mobile or otherwise – here are projected larger than life onto every surface of the gallery to create a technicolor ‘glitch-world’ that will surround visitors and allow them to be fully immersed in light and sound.” -Dr. Leonie Bradbury, Curator

For the GlitchKraft exhibit, Allison Tanenhaus collaborated with color-bending, mind-scrambling, new-media friends and local artist collaborators, including Alex Kittle, Ben K. Foley, Property Materials, Lauren Klotzman, and stickipictures. Together, they embrace electronic error, circumvent computational constraint and transcend technological overstimulation — culminating in an immersive, ephemeral glitchscape made to overload the senses.


Boston Globe


  • Date: Mar 07, 2022 to Apr 30, 2022
  • Location:SNHU McIninch Gallery
  • Curators:Dr. Leonie Bradbury
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