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Emilio Rojas: tracing a wound through my body

Sep 21, 2022 to Nov 06, 2022
emilio rojas would traced on human back

Emilio Rojas: tracing a wound through my body is the first survey of the contemporary and multidisciplinary practice of artist Emilio Rojas (c. 1985 Mexico City). The exhibition brings together Rojas’s works spanning the past decade, including live performances and performance-films, documents of performance sustained in ephemera, photography, installation, poetry, and new commissions in his series “m(Other)s” in a meditation upon the trace—or that which is left behind. What borderlands, memories, temporalities, and politics do traces conjure in their indexicality or ephemerality? And how might traces embody the vicissitudes of trauma and resilience?

Recognizing the act of tracing dualistically, Emilio Rojas: tracing a wound through my body reexamines the instrumentalization of Rojas’s body within his practice and also reckons with the compounded political and colonial traces impressed upon marginalized bodies, abstracted geopolitical territories, public monuments, and collectivities. For Rojas, such reckonings render palpable what Chicana, queer, and feminist theorist and poet Gloria E. Anzaldúa acknowledged as heridas abiertas, or “open wounds,” with the potential for healing. 

  • Date: Sep 21, 2022 to Nov 06, 2022
  • Location:Media Art Gallery
  • Curators:Laurel McLaughlin
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