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1139 Days Ago (BFA student)

Aug 10, 2022 to Aug 13, 2022

Yingqi Wang, Foil is Very Stubborn, video still, 2022


Gallery Hours 12-5pm, August 10 – 13, 2022

Artist Reception, Friday August 12, 3-5pm.

Location: The Huret and Spector Gallery is located on the 6th Floor of the Tufte Building. Please enter through the doors at 10 Boylston Place. Please note: RSVP required for visitors without Emerson ID, please email to be added to the guest list.

Emerson College’s first BFA thesis exhibition featuring graduates from the Global Paris BFA in Film Program. Artists on view are Mason Gillespie ’22, Ilana Holland ’22, and Yingqi Wang ’22. The three video installations on view explore the poetics of space and the powerful hold a location or specific material object can have over one’s memories and perception of self.

Mason Gillespie’s 3-Channel Video Installation, Genesis, 2022 is a visual poem, an ode to the Parque Natural Regional de Morvan, France. A piece for reflection, the video shows a gurgling creek as it swirls down alleys of waterfalls. Wind fills an empty lot, once full of tall pines as young leaves cling for life in a gentle breeze. Mason Gillespie is an artist and filmmaker whose work focuses on the interaction between the urban and rural landscapes. A principle theme Mason always tries to have present is an observation of modern societies’ interaction with the Earth.

Yingqi Wang‘s video installation Foil Is Very Stubborn, 2022 uses foil as an entry point to ask a series of questions including What is foil made of? The artist states: “The foil, the mirror, and us are within each other. By wrapping the foil around our human body and our surroundings, the space becomes an externalization of our inner space.” Coming from a film art background, Yingqi Wang always draws her perspective through a cinematic lens. Assembling images, sounds, space, tactility, and imagination, etc., she creates an experience that comes from cinema. She expands it until it is further away from cinema. Film is her starting point, but it’s not her destination.

Ilana Holland’s mixed media installation 1217 West California Avenue, 2022 features a 2-channel video projection consisting of two synchronized channels. One channel features shots of journal entries that coexist with a voice over of the artist reading specific entries. The second channel shows footage of Ilana’s childhood, through the eyes of her late mother. The installation, set as a living room, features drawings, journals, books, DVDs, photographs, and other memorabilia. The title of the work refers to the home the artist grew up in. Holland strives to create work that is intimate, emotional, and truthful. Through her art, the artist is able to speak about her struggles with growing up as a Chinese American adoptee which meant always managing the environments around her with while having a foot in both worlds. 


  • Date: Aug 10, 2022 to Aug 13, 2022
  • Location:Huret And Spector Gallery, Tufte Building
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