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Water Memories: A Happening…

April 16 @ 5:00 pm 7:00 pm

Join us to celebrate a multi media installation environment created by Zhiyao Ding, Mila Jafarnejad, Alexander Nezam, Nikita Potnis, Marcus Santos, Yangyanyun Tang, Siqi Xiong, and Yishu Yu whose work is the culminating project from the Film and Media Arts graduate installation art course “Space, Place, Image, Sound.” Location: Huret and Spector Gallery, please enter on the 7th Floor.

Although we don’t remember it, every newborn human being develops in the amniotic fluid of their mother. Our first interaction with the external world is to leave the water and breathe land’s air. One of the criteria for exploring a planet’s habitability is evidence of water, because without it life cannot live. Water exists in many forms: oceans, rivers, clouds, snowflakes and even inside our bodies.

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto studied the molecular structure of water and discovered that when water was exposed to different human emotions the molecular structure of water changed. He realized that the water we drink, use and interact with every day has memory. Water remembers.

This exhibition explores many modes of interacting with water including memories of water, the biological and cultural significance of water. How would it feel to submerge yourself in water again? Fear? death? cleansing? or a warm embrace? After all, every drop of water once belonged to the sea, and all life will eventually meet again as one.